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Shop settlement (campaign or period)

The purpose of this report is to allow the retailer to allocate single-use coupon sales amount received to the central merchant account (HQ), to the stores where usage has happened.  

For a given period the report will show single-use coupon codes that are: Used in the reporting period, Expired in the reporting period, Active at report period end (purchased before or on period end, but not used or expired at report end). The shop transaction report only shows transactions for a specific date/period (processing date), whereas the shop settlement report will show all used/expired/active codes for the date/period report generated.

Report details: “Code status”: “Used” or “Expired” – or “Active” if not used or expired. “Store ID”: If Code status = Used, column show StoreID, If Code status = Expired, column show StoreID of shopper’s local (home) store, If Code status = Active, column is blank. “DateTime”: show the local time of usage or expiration time. If Code status = Used, time of coupon usage, If Code status = Expired, expiration time, If Code status = Active, the column is blank.

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