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App coupons can be shared with registered users or non-registered members. Sharing to registered users is done app to app. Sharing to unregistered users is done through any external channel, eg. SMS or other messaging services.

When creating campaigns, dashboard users determine if coupons should be shareable or not. Shareable content is identified using the ShareType parameter in the Content model.

Shareable content can be:

  • IssueNew: A new coupon will be used, which means that both users, the one who shares and the one who receives the sharing, will have a content instance.
  • GiveAway: The user who shares the coupon will lose it and only the user who receives the sharing will have the content.

To share content, POST /share method of the API is used.

Share Stamps

Besides, the API also provides the option of sharing Stamps of loyalty cards with other registered users. For this, both users need to have an instance of the same loyalty card.

The maximum amount of stamps that can be shared is the number that comes in the parameter AvailableStamps of the loyalty card content model present in GET /content response. Once shared, those stamps will be lost to the original user.

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