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Coupon shop: Can a final user who has purchased coupons via coupon shop see which of the coupons in an order have been used or not used?

Unfortunately, the final user does not have the ability to directly check if a coupon has been used or not. However, there is an alternative method available. Users with access to the dashboard, can check the status of each individual coupon code.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the dashboard of the platform or application.
  2. Navigate to the User Support section.
  3. Look for the box labeled "Enter coupon code or order ID" in the second box.
  4. Enter the specific coupon code you want to check in the provided field.
  5. A popup will appear, displaying the information related to the code. This will include details on whether the code has been used or is still valid.

By using this method, users with dashboard access can verify the status of each coupon code and determine if it has been recently sent to a user or is still available for use.

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