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Gift cards​

Shoppers can pay with gift cards.

Liquid Barcodes will send a list of shoppers' gift cards to the POS and the POS can select to use one or more of these to pay for parts of or the whole basket.

Benefits and use cases

Convenience retailers are in a unique position to offer gift cards to customers because of the high frequency, small basket size nature of store visits.

This allows convenience retailers to launch private-label gift cards that work as their own payment method. Read more about Liquid Barcodes gift cards:

Gift cards are often one of the most profitable products for retail stores. Liquid Barcodes can handle your gift cards from distribution to settlement.

Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards are both more secure and less expensive to manage than traditional gift cards.

App-based gift cards can be topped up in-store, in your payment-enabled app, or online. Easy purchase and delivery of gift cards can increase gift card sales.

A digital gift card program can act as an effective way to gain new customers through friend recommendations. Topping up the card in your app can be handled together with your preferred payment aggregator(s).

Users can also top up a friend’s app. This is a nice feature for parents adding money to their children’s prepaid card, e.g. for the coffee shop.

When combined with our advanced POS Integration, gift cards become your own smart payment method in store.

Gift cards can be used to trigger benefits (coupons, rewards, stamps etc.), pay and capture data. You can also do instant or delayed follow-up actions.

Create, configure and manage gift card programs and distribute them through any channel, SMS, email, app, or multiple channels.

Gift cards can be loaded and issued in real-time at the till or online, or within your app.

Physical Gift Cards

We advise you to print batches of physical gift cards with a local printing house and draw from this stock of cards as you need them.

Our system allows the printing house to order unique gift card codes for the campaigns you have approved. This saves you the hassle of managing your physical gift cards.

Gift cards with pre-topped up amounts, eg. sold to B2B partners, can be created with inactive status, and then be activated once received by the correct recipient. This makes it easier to send gift cards by post as no extra insurance is required.

The physical gift card is topped up by the cashier at your checkout. That means you can display them out in the open like any other products – no need to hide them for security reasons. You can even let others display and sell your gift cards.

Balance Check

Our digital gift cards can store the live balance information on the card, with a balance check service that can be implemented on any web page, app etc.

Every gift card is issued with a serial number, so customers use this number to check the balance through our balance check service.


Money flows from the various top-up sources, such as stores and app, to your bank account. At the same time, we adjust the balance on the correct gift card.

When gift cards are used to pay, we reduce the balance and record the transaction. We also regularly produce balance and transaction settlement reports so that you can settle with individual stores and claim expired funds.

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