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Liquid Barcodes Content API has some different methods to consult and manage from the server-side the content that is provided to the users. Those methods will be described on this page.

Get Campaign List

The method to consult all the active campaigns that are now running in the system is GET /campaigns/list.

Request Content Status

The status of specific content can be requested to Liquid Barcodes using POST /status-request method. The status of the content will be returned asynchronously, which means that status will be given through Events API. This API must be implemented and at least one listener subscribed to the "Status" event type to receive events of contents status when requested.

Request Liquid Barcodes to issue content

This API provides a method called IssueRequest, which allows you to issue one specific content at a time to one specific user using Liquid Barcodes’ distribution mechanisms. This can be Liquid Barcodes’ App API or Liquid Barcodes’ SMS handler. When calling this method, the key information you provide is which coupon you want (ScheduleId) and which user should receive the coupon (UserRef).

Get content from Liquid Barcodes

It is also provided a method to obtain one specific coupon, survey, or game at a time for your own distribution. When calling the GetContent service, the key information you provide is which content you want (ScheduleId) and which user should receive the coupon (UserRef). Liquid Barcodes will then respond with a coupon, survey, or game object, from which you can select the relevant information necessary for your distribution.

Ask Liquid Barcodes to issue content purchased in the shop

If your App is integrated with Liquid Barcodes App Shop through an External Payment Provider (see to have a view of the whole process where steps 4 and 5 take place via Content API), you need to use POST /transactions/reserved once payment has been processed and content shall be issued.

The following paragraph describes the functionality required to issue a coupon based on a purchase in your app. This functionality consists of three parts:

  • Shop front-end (App), is the virtual store where the consumer can choose which products he wants to buy.
  • A payment provider is a third party or a back-end to a payment provider that handles the transaction of real money. This part needs to communicate with the app once the user has selected a particular offer to purchase. This part is not part of the existing Liquid Barcodes offering.
  • Issuing purchased coupons via POST /transactions/reserved is a function of the Liquid Barcodes Content API that enables the payment provider to issue the coupon that was purchased to the user's app.
  • The issued coupon will appear in one of the sections available through GET /content App API.

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