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How to create local campaigns

Liquid Barcodes offers the possibility to create campaigns for a specific store. Only those users that are associated to a specific store will receive this offer, and will be valid only at this site.

This is how you can use this feature:

First of all, you need to create a Local Template in the Headquarter dashboard. This template will contain all the basic settings of a coupon, such as images, POS input and time when this campaign will be available.

  1. Log in Dashboard - Headquarter
  2. Click on Create campaign -> then select Templates - For Local
  3. This will open the creation of such template. It is quite similar to a regular coupon
    • Steps 1 and 2 are exactly the same as a regular coupon
    • In step "3. Receivers" you will be able to select what regions will see this template (and so, allow them to create this coupon for their users).
    • Last step "4. Time settings" will determine when will stores be able to schedule this coupon.
  4. Save the settings to finish this process. Now the template is created.
  5. Now log in as a local user to create as many coupons as you need. Log in the dashboard, and instead of Headquarter, select the store you want to target.
  6. Inside the local dashboard click on Create campaign. You will see a limited amount of options. Select the coupon.
  7. The creation of a coupon is limited so that a local user cannot create all types of coupons, but only those that have a template in the Headquarter. 
    • In step "1. Choose campaign" you will need to select the Template.
    • In step "2. Settings" you can target the campaign to all the users inside this store, or limit to only specific Member groups.
    • You will also select the start and end date of this coupon. Have in mind this date needs to be included in the template's start-end date period.
  8. Once created, the coupon will be published and sent to the local target. 

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