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Integration process

We have a standard process for conducting integrations:

Phase 3 - the integration phase consists of these steps:

  • Kick-off meeting
    • We will give you all the necessary training and introductions to using our API
    • Proceed when kick-off meeting has been completed
  • First 200 – connect to the API
    • Create a correct signature to start integrating applicator/sale
    • Proceed when you have successfully sent a request to the API
  • Send the full transaction to us with a user identifier
    • Complete applicator/sale request
    • Proceed when you are able to send a full transaction with user identifier to us
  • Response adjusts the basket, POS takes payment if the remaining amount
    • Handle response correctly
    • Proceed when POS adjusts transaction amount and rebate lines correctly based on our response
  • Confirm the transaction
    • You integrate applicator/finalize
    • Proceed when POS is able to confirm the transaction after payment
  • Integrate optional features
    • You integrate the selected optional features
    • Proceed when all optional features have been integrated
  • Check error handling
    • Verify that POS handles non-happy flows such as cancellation and error messages
    • Proceed when POS handles non-happy flows
    • POS integration is now functionally complete
  • UAT
    • We provide a test customer on our sandbox environment with test campaigns and UAT document
    • Finalize your integration work by notifying us that integration and testing are done
    • Liquid Barcodes will now conduct UAT


Next: Liquid Barcodes will test and approve the integration.

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