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App one to one

You want to distribute coupons one to one – in your app – to your app users as a reward.


The relevant APIs: App API and Content API  (IssueRequest function)


Technical flow description:



The App API will allow you to register a user and get all coupons that are available for this user at any given time. Liquid Barcodes' back end maintains the content in each users App API response. For example, when new coupons are issued, the response will be updated with the new coupons. Additionally, expired and redeemed coupons will be removed. The API supports both native and web based apps.


The Coupon API – IssueRequest function will allow you to issue coupons to a specific user. It is your responsibility to issue coupons to the right users at the right time. You use static credentials, a static user reference (eg. Liquid Barcodes UserId or phone number) and a coupon campaign reference to issue the correct reward to the correct user. The coupon is delivered to the app through the aforementioned App API. The number of coupons per user can be limited to one coupon across the whole campaign period or per day/week/month/year.


Example: Tine wanted to engage their consumers across their range of 8 different drink brands. They launched a location game app where consumers can collect virtual bottles on a map anywhere across Norway and use these to complete missions. Users received coupon rewards for completed missions. The coupon issue was controlled by a back end gaming algorithm.

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