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Points Program

With this API, Liquid Barcodes also provides functionality that allows the user to earn points under some conditions like spending money, playing games or visiting stores and spend some point to receive some rewards and benefits. Then, those points can be spent in store or exchanged by extra content. This points will be configured in a special giftcard (content with "IsPointsCard" = true) and the points balance can be seen in its Content Model parameter called "GiftCardBalance". In addition, there could be different tiers configured that the user would reach matching some goals and will give extra advantages for them like special discounts or new content.

Apart from the Content Model, Liquid Barcodes Points Program also provides some specific methods to consult and give the user more information about points status and historical transactions:

The main method, to know the current points and tier status is:

Besides, there are four more methods for historical data:

Below can be seen an illustrated example of how some of this could be implemented:

Share Points

As it happens for content and stamps, points can also be shared between users. To do it, a method in the API is provided: POST /points-program/points/share.

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